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kovner Something in my mind
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There is no time to think

E n d

All will pass, disappear, dissolve, evaporate, hide. You won't be able to see it. You won't be able to touch it. To hold. To remember. To save.

But you will feel. Light touch. Light push. Breath.

You will understand. The time will come, and you will understand. Take it.

There will be no more pain. Sadness. Adversity. Problems. Tears. Scandals. Intrigue.


There will be no more meetings with friends. Night parties. Phone calls. There will be no more laughter. Jokes. Meetings. Smiles.

You won't be surprised anymore. Get angry. To be sad. To be joyful.

All will pass. You will feel. You won't be able to meet the dawn anymore. Don't spend the sunset. You will not look at your loved one in the eye. Your dreams won't come true. Your plans...

You dissolve in the crowd. Disappear into the unknown. In the dark. The world will stop.

For a moment.

And it will continue its run. They will run. Strive for dreams. They will come home to their family. They don't even know ...

That somewhere in the universe another star has lit up.

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