The things I never say.
The things I never say. love stories

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(....) *Delete* Silence.

The things I never say.

(....) *Delete*


All the things I never say:

your lips are moving; telling fairytales of unicorns, rainbows and castles

And us as the main characters.

When you are done, you smile, your eyes filled with tears. A thousand things running through my mind, but I can't make a sound.

This is all the things I never say:

When I'm not with you I feel incomplete, like I cannot breath, I fear to dream but do I dare to hope? Are your words the truth?

We are both broken souls, both believing we would never work again. We are bad, awful and make all the wrong choices

but how can this be wrong?

you and I are more than broken toys.

How can this be wrong; when I hear your voice, see your smile look into your eyes. - All I see is perfection.

I see myself in you, so alike. yet miles apart.

ying and yang different pieces but parts of the same masterpiece.

I see greatness in us, but I'm holding back, holding on, grabbing out at emptiness.

That is home, that is safe.

This is the things I never say:

Just when I think you jumped I turn right around and see you standing there.

I see your lips moving echoing the words "what if I'm not..."

I close my eyes remind myself that words will never hurt me, I showed up with my mask, this is all a masquerade a balancing act between loving and leaving.

This is what I say:


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