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the inner monsters.
Not for kids to read
- Get help if you are a danger to yourself or others
There are better ways
Once fed the monster never goes away.
Do not feed the monsters.


when I allowed myself to feel again

I didn't comprehend what it meant

If you feel something

you will feel it all

Now my scars are itching

and all I can keep thinking

Is how good it used to feel

how I want to see it bleed

release the monster growing

a moment I'm not drowning

open scars was once my peace

my secret lover, a wrong desire, a never ending battle.


There is more to life than scary monsters that hides in shadows deep inside of you

whispering sweet nothings about a easy way out

making an illusion that will do nothing but make you doubt

the relief you feel won't last

and monsters grow fast

always hungry for more

you can never close the door


I want to starve it

I want to have control

I want to fight it

I want what it stole

even if it win the battle - it will never win the war

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