Love is...
Love is... love stories
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korrez Community member
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What is love ?

Love is...

when you text her throughout the day because you can't bear not to

when her smile makes all the voices in your head go silent

love is...

when he says good morning to you before checking his phone

when he cant stop kissing you

love is..

when everything feels better with her, than without her.

when reality is suddenly better than fantasy

Love is...

when you keep your word

when she becomes gravity

Love is..

When letting him down would break you

When her laugh feels like the suns warmth

Love is...

When every moment without him is heartache

When her arms is home

Love is...

When you know you need to let go

When you know you need to fight

Love is a battle field and I am armed and ready... are you? -I will fight as long as there is something worth fighting for

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