Electronic war
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korrez Community member
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People is to busy chasing a good time, that they forget to hold on to a good thing.

Electronic war

I wake up smile as I see your face “good morning” I say

you don’t hear me you are already lost in a world I will never reach

Have anything changed did I make the right choice?

We used to sit in silence her looking at her phone So I checked out

Now it is just a different face The silence is the same I am right here but your miles away you will never hear me

I will never win a buzzing tone, a friend, a game, a message from a stranger I will never win

No good morning kiss No movie nights No passion No cuddle No talk

I can’t reach you

Nothing more than emptiness a stone face, silence the light in your face as your eyes a locked at a screen and... I feel nothing there It doesn’t really matter that I am here.

wasted time.. I wanted you not empty walls with nothing to do

My time is spend better a place I am not alone maybe I should just go home maybe we can be closer on the phone

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