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konvictkay Tirelessly tied up in my tangled mind
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Each passing breath thickens with silence as anxiety looms heavily in the air between two lovers who can’t bare each other’s stare.


Silence. We sit in stillness with our thoughts. Conflicted. Emotions running rampant. High. Out of control.

You were better- you were happy. You were the man that I fell in love with again. For that sweet everlasting second I saw a glimpse of that man. If I had known I would’ve stopped. For you. But now that’s not something I can do.

Silence. Uncertainty filling the air between our touch as we lay on opposite sides of the bed. I see this shell looking back at me and my heart is sore.

Silence. Saddened to see you like this. I missed you for so long. I’m sorry that I couldn’t- Or wouldn’t, be strong. I thought we could go back. We can’t.

Silence. Have you ever realized how it makes the air thick? The anxiety that lingers like lint from the laundry. How damp and humid it becomes? Wondering who and when the other will spill their souls.

Silence. I can’t even hear you breathe anymore. Only the sound of my own shaky breath ticks the time away. Holding back the tears.

Four years, And silence is what sits between us.

Poetizer: KonvictKay

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