Prior to Meeting You

Prior to Meeting You meth stories

konvictkay Tirelessly tied up in my tangled mind
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I wish I had never met you.

Prior to Meeting You

Radio silence turned to emotional violence.

My thoughts attack but before I can react, my conscience began to crack- in two.

Prior to meeting you, I knew exactly who I wanted to be, I could look in the mirror and recognize me.

My eyes were full of light, I could conquer the world and fight my fears- all those years ago.

Now what have I got to show for strength, how far I’ve gone just cost me length and shown me what I’m drawn to.

Prior to meeting you, I had endless hope, but now I find myself at the end of my rope.

A mind that used to be bright and full of light now smashed, now I’m not sure I’ll last.

Prior to meeting you, my words were honest and true, But with everything you’ve put me through, my thoughts are steamed hot and brewed.

At first we acted as a team, and it never seemed to bother you that the lower i got the higher I flew- and the higher I got the less I knew of every terrible thing you could do.

Prior to meeting you, I hadn’t had a single clue, How much your touch would drag me through, as you left me as I withdrew- Time after time from you.

I wish I never met you, Meth. I plead with every sober breath,that you will not become my death.

Poetizer: KonvictKay

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