The Demon & The Girl
The Demon & The Girl loss stories
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konstelacioj079 Wannabe Poet & Storyteller
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a story concept turned poetry

The Demon & The Girl

Cool earth, freshly turned, is lovingly made into a solemn grave.

Hidden within shadow, she will never wake again from her eternal sleep.

“Goodnight and goodbye,” he whispered hesitantly to a callous world.

There, in the blue hour, he cherished the remnants of the waning night.

The Demon and the Girl: two star-crossed lovers in a tale of melancholy.

He, who consumed flesh and soul, loved.

She, who was an angel among beasts, loved.

Their labyrinthine story of tragedy has now come to a close.

In their requiem-black opera, the final aria is sung:

In an act of passion, the black swan kissed the white.

Mother-of-pearl mists, in the morning’s twilight, flow.

On the brilliant shroud of heaven, the stars twinkle on.

Sanguine roses bloom upon the ruined garden walls.

There, on the horizon, lies a porcelain crescent moon.

Perched upon the gnarled yew, a crow rasps harshly,

“Even in Death’s icy grip, the warmth of Love remains.”

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