The Rainbow Irises
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Eyes are the windows to the soul, the images captured inside never lie. Read on to know why.

As a sidenote, do you know that your irises are more unique than your thumbprint. Each iris has a unique pattern of ridges and folds, specific to you only. Fascinating , isn't it!!

The Rainbow Irises

The mirror never lies

as I gaze into these irises of mine.

Images of my life pass through moments in time.

One upon the other, reflecting, staring back

wanting to know why I do I stay lost

in the crowd outside, when I am already home.

Home within myself,

in my irises speckled with rainbow colours of

hope, faith, joy. Peace, tranquillity, self belief and strength.

The mirror never lies,

as I gaze into these rainbow irises of mine.

A new journey begins.

Komal Gupta @ tejaswiniaura

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