Disappear Dreams
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Why write? To disappear into nightmares woven like dreams. Scorn, despair or just beyond repair!

Disappear Dreams

Inside of the very air I breathe, there are seeds of hope and despair at perpetual war with one another.

I reach out, they mock. What is that you do ?

Conjure up words without any meaning, any rhyme, in any season, for no good reason !

What is that you seek? Your words backtrack, forward back, seem like a tight slap across your face.

I squint, in trying to be unconcerned, multitudes of expression hurry to give way to the next.

Scared of what might happen, A stampede of words overrun vast prairies of emotions.

Birds of freedom soar to the skies, flapping away heavily under burdens of false expectations

How far do they go, is to be seen.

The shadows of the night gather in discourse, simpering, whimpering,

Does she have any recourse? or doomed till the skies fall, stars explode ?

Roaming on the roads, A pale shadow of herself.

Komal Gupta @tejaswiniaura picture credit (in poem):- Pixabay Picture credit Pixabay (in poem)

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