Hold your Breath
Hold your Breath  falling in love stories

koinoyokan I always appreciate criticism.
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I don't want to fall in love.

Hold your Breath

I don’t want to fall in love The sensation must feel something Like the jolt you get falling asleep

No, I don’t want to fall in love With the lurching unwanted Suddenness of love

If I were to fall in love It would be planned, deliberate Careful steps down a steep incline

A slip here, stumble there But never weightlessness

Does it mean something different To fall in love vs walking in love

Does the planned precision of it all Steal away the magic Is magic something I want

Mixed in with love It could cloud my eyes And I would lose my way

Maybe that’s how people Fall off the ledge Without magic is love even possible

Is falling into the abyss inevitable Too prolong leads to nothing but further heartache Am I losing air up here On the ledge and the only way

To survive is to dive Walking takes too long leaving me to suffocate on the way Long before I reach the bottom

I have yet to want to be in love But I wonder if that’s because I walk not jump

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