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koinoyokan I always appreciate criticism.
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There once lived a boy
In a house made of glass

Delicate Knowledge

There once lived a boy In a house made of glass A house made of brittle thoughts And splintered dreams

A boy lived in an intangible space A space made to be empty To remain empty A place with only walls, floors, and roofs

But it was an ideal house No wind chilled the boy No rain drenched the boy No snow froze the boy

A boy lived in an invisible house A house made to be seen through By the people who walked outside its walls Who tapped on the panes as they walked by in life

No one could say who it was made for The people or the boy So, the boy made a choice To build a wall made of books

To fill a house made of glass To create walls Made to cast out the world The ringing, clanging, banging of a billion beings

Made by the voices outside the glass walls As all could watch as the boy Disappeared under stacks of books A chain mail of letters

There once lived a boy In a home made of words A beautifully dusted world With no walls, or floors, or roofs,

Only doors

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