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koinoyokan I always appreciate criticism.
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Sometimes I wish I could read minds.


Sometimes I wish I could read minds I want to peel back their skin Cracking open the skull

To read white squishy tangled ropes of a person Pieces of them all packed up In a perfectly shaped box

I want to pluck a rope Pulling it from its place Picking apart the strings of their minds To reveal parts of themselves

I want to pull strands Thru my fingers like hair Every piece a memory All connected thru action

Reading minds should feel like braille Soft moments slide under fingertips Mistakes, sharp, drawing blood

After I’m done with the peeling, cracking, picking To look down at my hands And see the life of a man

How easy it would be to walk towards When I could see the mush that makes them up Staining my hands

How easy would it be to touch When I had already cradled their most precious parts of self

But what reason would they have to walk towards me Touch me

When their hands where clean and mine dripped With the ugliest scraps of themselves

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