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Dramione Stories 4 dramione stories

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Hermione had some fun dreams last night.

Dramione Stories 4

*It's morning*

Hermione: *walks out of the Girls' Dorm*

Draco: *walks out of boys' dorm* Good morning, Granger.

Hermione: Good morning, DRACO. You know, if we are going to be the only people in this dorm, we might as well learn each other's names.

Draco: very well. Whatever. We have classes to get to.

Hermione: Look! There is another piece of paper on the floor!

Draco: Way to State the obvious, Gra-- Hermione.

Hermione: *picks up the paper* *points wand at it*

Paper: your classes with be in the room of requirement. Yes, the teachers know it is a place. Just think "I am a prefect here for training" and it will open.

Draco: seems easy enough.

Hermione: yeah...too easy.

Draco: what do you mean?

Hermione: *picks up paper* *points wand at it*

Draco: already did that.

Hermione: reveal your secrets!

Paper: congratulations! You figured out that you don't actually have class this morning!

Draco: what?!

Paper: you are probably asking "what?!" right now.

Since being a prefect is all about thinking outside of the box and avoiding unnecessary things, you do not have to go through the training process.

Draco: Is this some sort of joke?!

Dumbledore: no. This is completely real.

*Hermione jumps, startled.*

Draco: *smirking* watch where you're going, Hermione.

*Hermione is in draco's arms* *she blushes profoundly*

Hermione: I---Uh----

Hermione: *Kisses Draco*

Draco: *surprised, kisses back*

Dumbledore: dumble DAMN!!

*Hermione and Draco both wake up with a start from their weird dreams*

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