Dramione Stories 3
Dramione Stories 3 dramione #fanfiction #romance stories
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Another dramione story.

Dramione Stories 3

Hermione: We choose Dramione.

Portrait: Very well.

*Hermione and Draco enter a small, cozy dormatory*

Draco: well, this is......roomy.

Hermione: look! There is a piece of parchment on the floor!

Draco: *picks it up* *points wand at paper*

Paper: welcome prefects! Boys' dorms on the left, Girls' on the right. You will have 2 classes first thing tomorrow morning to learn how to become a prefect.

The rest of your classes are cancelled for the day. The rest of the year will have 3 classes a day instead of 7.

Draco: I wonder who teaches our prefect classes.

Hermione: with my luck, it is probably Snape.

Draco: What's wrong with Snape?? I thought you liked ALL teachers.

Hermione: Not all of them. Professor Trelawney and Snape are plain out not good teachers!

Draco: That is your best insult?! Ha! What about.... Trelawney is a dumbass old crone who makes up random stuff?

Hermione: *laughs* You know what, Malfoy? You're not half bad.

Draco: *surprised* *clears throught* Same to you, Granger.

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