This Doesn't Feel Right
This Doesn't Feel Right feelings stories

kocik Noob Poet
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They say if you love something you should let it go; I couldn't.

This Doesn't Feel Right

To the one who holds you next,

I hope they know you love to have a smoke after sex,

how much you used to love it when I played with your hair

To the one who loves you next,

I hope they know how lucky they are

to have a man like you, softer than a psalm

I hope they know that every song you sing comes straight from the heart

and that every inch of your body I adored just like a piece of art

To the one that adores you next,

I dream that they will be there at your darkest hours

that they will follow you through all the wildflowers

And if for some reason they fall behind,

I hope that you'll be patient;

and that you remember that we all have our demons to be facing

But if you ever see the signs that she's moving on

And you're praying every night when you're layin' all alone

with your fears shaking you right to the bone

I pray, I pray to God that you'll find your way back home

Cuz baby, know that I love you just the same as before.

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