It was forbidden
It was forbidden  love stories

koala another hopeless writer
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I had to write it; to get it out. Life is complicated, but writing helps

It was forbidden

I liked you since freshman year. I thought you were cute; that you were one of the nicest guys I had ever met.

Our paths crossed often. In the hallways, sports, and classes.

But I started dating a different boy. And you started dating a different girl. In fact I was with your friend, while you were with mine.

2 years went by. Your friend broke my heart. My friend keeps you close, enough though it’s killing you both, From the inside out.

In recent months our friendship has grown stronger. We’ve been there for each other through so much

But lately you’ve been looking at me differently.

Last night we were at school late. You had that look in your eye. Your eyes drew me in.

You told our friends you needed advice on something personal to get me alone. It was just the two of us in the dimly lit hallway.

You said there was something you wanted to do; You leaned down and kissed me.

I knew it was wrong; But i liked you for so long. And the kiss felt.. good.

Now i keep thinking of that kiss; and how i can’t wait to feel your lips on mine again.

This is forbidden. But is it really if things truly didn’t work out between you and her, and him and me?

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