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Today I felt a bit drifty.

Who am I?

I ask myself in a panic. "Who am I? Who am I?!?"

I try to think of the things I know about myself, yet I know nothing.

My feelings are fake. I fake them. I know that. I'm aware.

My mask

My mask is crumbling

My mask is crumbing and I'm scared.

So, so, SO many people lie to me but the biggest liar to me is myself.

My personality is in constant flux, on the roll of the die.

I've pretended to be so many other people that I've lost myself.

With every new personality I say "this is the one." But it never is.

Who am I?

I am no one.

I have faded away, disintegrated.

There's not enough me and so much me that my soul drowned.

Gone forever, floating on the lilting seas of Time.

I hate everything I love; I love everything I hate.

My identity is blank, I'm blank,

I'm a white cat in a snowstorm on a piece of white paper in my mind in your mind in the mind in the world and I’m drowning and I’m Drowning Drownin Drowni Drown Drow Dro Dr D

What is my mind?

It is none and too much.



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