The Complete Guide To Staying Up All Night, Part One: Prep!
The Complete Guide To Staying Up All Night, Part One: Prep! nonfiction stories

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Maybe it's for school. A big test? Almost-overdue homework? Or maybe you want to catch a livestream from that band you like so much - but it's at 3 am.
The first installment in this three-part series tells you how to prepare for pulling an all-nighter.

The Complete Guide To Staying Up All Night, Part One: Prep!

Maybe it's for school. A big test? Almost-overdue homework?

Or maybe you want to catch a livestream from that band you like so much - but it's at 3 am.

Maybe you just wanna have fun!

Whatever the reason, this series will help you successfully and sneakily pull an all-nighter.

Chapter one - What type are you?

Amber is 15. She lives with her mom, dad, and 8-yr-old younger bro.

She's prepping for her all-nighter by placing her math and science homework on her bedroom desk, and by hiding her tablet in her bookcase.

She also grabs a towel out of the bathroom when no one is looking.

Her plan is to wait until everyone falls asleep, stuff the towel under the door to muffle sound, finish her homework, maybe read some books, and play video games once she's done!

She has a BIG cup of cocoa right before bed, because the caffeine will help her be less sleepy.

James is 12. He lives with his mom, dad, and grandma.

He and his friends decided to stay up all night, texting each other and studying for the science test.

James preps for his all-nighter by downloading some study material off the internet, sneaking a chocolate bar from the kitchen, making sure his phone is on mute, and hiding his textbook under his bed.

His plan is to wait until his parents leave the room, “forget” to turn out his light, read a book until 9:30, then text his friend Jamie. He, Jamie, and Sally will study until 3 am. At three, Jamie plans to sneak downstairs and watch TV until his parents wake up.

Which one of these do you match? The one with Amber is how you will prep if you plan not to move, and stay in one place all night, like she did. The one with James is planning on moving, a Two or More Location Prep. This will help you plan and prep. A plan is a VERY important part of a successful all-nighter, especially for beginners.

Chapter two- Tips to stay up

Do you like tea? Well, here’s the perfect thing for you.

First, sneak a tea bag into your room. Let’s say... wait to rinse your ice cream bowl out until just before bed. Then, change into your PJs, and tell your parents you’re gonna go “grab some water”. The water from the sink is on hot now, so grab a cup and fill it up with hot water.

The hot water shouldn’t be BOILING, that would hurt you. But make sure it’s very hot. So if you feel suddenly tired at 4 am, just drop the tea bag into the cup and stir. Enjoy!

Not a big fan of tea? What about candy?

Here’s a good one- First, sneak a candy bar from your cupboard in the daytime. Hide the candy somewhere. At 9 PM (or so), break the bar into eight or so pieces and enjoy one every hour of your allsie! (Also works with M&Ms- have one every thirty minutes!)

Set a goal for yourself. For example, if you’re doing homework, give yourself a five minute break to do something every half hour, like playing a short game or looking at a few memes. Yay! You’ve stayed awake for thirty more minutes. Rewarding yourself yourself helps you to stay up, especially if it’s with candy. (Or maybe that’s just cause I like candy.)

Another tip is to wait until your parents let you pick a movie to watch, and pick a really scary one. Not that being afraid is FUN, but it certainly keeps you awake

When you make a plan, make it detailed. A bad plan is “I’ll read a few books, then maybe play some games.” A good plan is “I’ll read those three books, eating a bit of energy bar every few chapters, then play Among Us when I’m done.”

Chapter Three- Troubleshooting and Help

“I can’t stay up!”

Okay, remember that caffeine is your friend. Your BFF, even. Also, listen to your body. Kind of. Well, if you’re not tired and can’t sleep, embrace it and make an impromptu plan. Of course, if you’re a bit tired, maybe get some caffeine or candy or run some laps before bed. And if you’re WAY too tired, just... don’t try, it’s not gonna work.

“What’s your number one tip?”

Excuses. Never EVER move anywhere without an excuse. But don’t worry, excuses are easy. If you sneak downstairs and actually have to pee a little, BOOM, you have yourself a believable excuse. Thirsty? Ta-da! Sticking to truth is easy and simple. Believable excuses need to be close to truth. That way, if someone catches you downstairs at midnight, ‘you just had to pee’ is INVALUABLE.

“But I thought these things are bad for you?”

Well, too many are. I used to pull two a week, which is not a good idea. Now I only pull 3 or 4 a month. That’s pretty much the max amount of times you can pull healthily. Remember: these are fun if you’re bored, and they can help you study, but too many all-nighters will not be good for you.

“What are some things you can do while you stay up?”

Games. Books. Homework. Websurfing. Studying. Art. Memes. Listening to music (WITH HEADPHONES! VERY QUIETLY! TOO LOUDLY WILL GIVE YOU AWAY VERY QUICKLY.)

Any other questions? Feel free to comment. Make sure to keep an eye out for Part Two: The Actual Thing and Part Three: Afterwards!

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