i wanted to disappear
i wanted to disappear anorexia stories

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A short, rhyming poem about a girl with anorexia.

i wanted to disappear

(TW: anorexia)

(A/N: I've never experienced anorexia, this is just what I think it would be like. Survivors of anorexia are amazing people. Remember: you are amazing. Anyway, enjoy.)

I started to lose weight, a bit at a time.

I thought I could control it, that I would be fine.

(This probably won't rhyme, if it did it wouldn't be mine.)

One pound, then two, then three, then four,

I started to pay less attention in class.

Caring more about what I wore,

And I soon began to fast.

Five pounds, six pounds, seven pounds, eight.

I just wanted to disappear.

But my body I still did hate,

And gaining anything caused me fear.

Nine, ten, eleven and twelve,

Jogging all night and day.

All my homework, I did shelve:

I'd rather burn with ballet.

I lost, and lost, and lost, and lost, and lost,

I started to lose track.

The reality of this nightmare, I realized,

Is that there's no coming back.

But then my friends started to notice,

My parents and teachers too.

It was a hard path to recovery,

Saying otherwise would be untrue.

I've started to enjoy food again,

I'm certainly improving.

So if you lose a pound or ten,

Remember you don't ALWAYS have to keep moving.

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