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When my dog is asleep in my lap

I think. I think about things. I think about what could have been and what should not have been.

I think about the ways I have let people down. I think about the ways others have let me down.

But sometimes it takes a little time to really figure out why

Why people get let down all the time.

Are our expectations too high? Do we want too much?

I often look down at my puppy's face and wonder if I've let her down.

I know I would never hurt her on purpose. In fact I try to avoid doing so at all.

But when I look at her peaceful face and soft, brown and white fur

I see a child who loves and forgives so easily, like I had done in years past. Everything was simple back then.

I would smile. I would laugh. I would fall off of swings and almost smash into trees.

I would pick cherries off of my neighbors tree that had branches that would loom over my backyard, just in reach so that if I swung high enough, I could grab a couple.

We had a wonderful garden and a beautiful little playground. It was heaven there. I miss it.

I miss the simpler times when I didn't have to worry about dating and friends and people cheating on me

And all that "jazz"

I want to go back

No mistakes other than when I would color outside the lines.

I look back down on my dog.

I smile, and I close my eyes.

I fall asleep.

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