Screaming Through the Fear
Screaming Through the Fear mental illness stories

knicknockimhere Community member
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A poem about anxiety :) (possible triggers)

Screaming Through the Fear

Having anxiety is the worst. It acts up at random and doesn't go away until you either find a way to distract yourself and bottle it up, or you get out the short, easy, and worst way.

I stay awake until I can't keep my eyes open anymore

Waiting for the fear to go away, not being able to move

I can't close my eyes The nightmares will come and I won't be able to wake up

I stay silent. I stay still. My fingers are cold to the touch. My eyes open and red from crying.

Inside my head I am screaming and flailing but on the outside I am calm.

My hands on my ears, my mind is going wild.

When will it stop?

Why won't it end?

No amount of music and comfort can help

I want to reach out for help but my voice is drowned out by my head's taunts and laughs

I apologize for something I can't control

I'm so tired

I'm so scared

I scream in fear of what my brain can do to me

But no one can hear me

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