Actor/Actress Confessions

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Confessions of an actor

Actor/Actress Confessions

by knicknockimhere

Yes, I am an actor

Not to brag, but I'm a pretty good one too.

That doesn't mean I lie

Usually, I'm pretty honest unless I secretly don't like you.

I'm also the oldest child

Which means I need to control everything about myself from my tone of voice down to my body movements at any given time

No, I would never act my way out of a bad situation

Especially with the police or something serious.

No, I would never cheat on someone

Why do people do that anyway?

And no,

I would never act my way out of a bad deal or something.

So if you think that I'm ever lying to you

Or acting just to make you feel a certain way

Then just ask me!

I will tell you the 100% truth

Oh and yes

I have pretended to not be in pain SEVERAL times. I just laugh and pretend I'm not hurt.

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