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Understanding is like love which comes in different form.

U n d e r s t a n d i n g

by kmokami13

What is understanding? The way someone establishes a small, lonely hut where only two of you exist and the bliss of solitude is sweet. A perfect sync two people`s mind and the way you fall deep.

Understanding is my feet touching the wet sand which is not exactly silky the way it should be. I feel my feet moving away. I feel like falling with that complicated mind of yours - the ocean.

Understanding is like the way the people wore victory clothes for Harry but still in their heart they knew what Draco was going through.

Understanding is like the killer who knows the person before him with that half empty coffee does not live much of a life and that he wouldn`t mind killing him off with bullet shooting off.

Understanding is like the feelings that I still feel for him but when ever his photo appears, I feel the tide of rage growing violent and overlapping one another.

Understanding is listening to that favorite song for the 78th time and knowing that two days later surely, there would be another song as your favorite.

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