The Typical Black South African Parent
The Typical Black South African Parent pain stories

kmm_alpha Alienated by society
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Between you and I, that's how most black parents from South Africa are. From my observations at least.

The Typical Black South African Parent

It was three thirty pm

The sun was blazing hot

I needed to cool down

Especially on my thoughts

They're giving me a migraine

I keep reminiscing about my childhood

Everything that made me hate school

Why I don't think it's cool

You always compared me to unwanted competition

I don't do it for you

That's why now I just ignore you

Twelve whole years and nothing changed

It's our own controversy

You think it's all about school

Don't remember me when I'm cool

You always made me feel like a fool

Broke all your promises

Don't visit when I have my own premises

I'll give you what you wished for

Don't blame me for your words

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