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kmm_alpha Alienated by society
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I know I'm a bad liar, but there's always one person I'd rather die than lie to. They'll be there to help me follow my dreams.


Tell me what you want

We'll chill and smoke a blunt

Lay down on the grass drinking some liquor

Looking back to the stars that shine upon us

I know I am always overthinking things

Unless I drink some liquor then I'm cool

But I'm done with all substances I've been using

Along with the liquor I've been abusing

All the feelings I've been shooting

All the emotions I'm losing

The imagination I'm fusing

You are killing me silently

I'd rather kill for you without a doubt undoubtedly

Don't ask why or how can I

It eventually becomes a mutual feeling

I can't blame it all on you

Most of it is all on me

You forget this isn't no Thriller Bark

Let alone an amusement park

We don't live in a Disney world

This is a modern fairy tale

There are no happy endings

There are no wind in our sails

But we are the masters of our seas

We are the ones at the sails

I appreciate all the memories we had

You say I've been distant but I know that

I'm sorry if I ever hurt you

But I'm just doing me...

Following my dreams!

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