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This is a scary story included in one of my horror anthologies for younger readers. I'm new to Commaful, and I'm excited to share some fiction with new readers, and find some new writing to enjoy too! :)

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**Originally published in Valentine Terror Tales: Scary Stories of Dark Romance, copyright (c) 2013

As Ryan lay down to sleep on the night of his twelfth birthday, a woman with chalk-white skin crawled up the foot of his bed.

She sat upon his chest and pinned him in place, so that he could not move or speak. Gray clumps of hair swayed over her pink eyes. Two curved horns poked from the peak of her forehead.

The woman clutched Ryan's chest with silver claws, brought her face inches from his, and stared until the break of dawn.

As the first sliver of light broke through the blinds, she inched her way back down the bed, and slipped away with the shadows.

Ryan begged his father to believe him, but he dismissed the issue. "You must have eaten too much cake on your birthday," his father explained. "It was only a nightmare.

If there was a real problem, I would handle it."

But the next night, the woman returned. Same as before, she waited until the lights were off and his door was shut. She climbed up the bed, sat upon Ryan's chest and froze him in place.

With the woman on him, his muscles ceased to work. He could not move. Could not scream. Could only endure the weight of the woman while her pink eyes studied him.

Again, Ryan pleaded with his dad, to no avail. "This house is safe," his dad assured him. "No intruder could get into your room.

Nightmares can't hurt you, and for anything that could, I'm here to handle it."

Since his father would not believe him, Ryan decided to learn more about the woman. At the library, he found a book on monsters. He read about each one until he found an article on the succubus.

Ryan read under his breath: "The succubus is a female demon who falls in love with human men. She often chooses a mate when he is very young and admires him at night for many years.

The only way to get rid of a succubus is to marry an honest woman. If a succubus's victim does not marry by the age of twenty-one, she will sire his demon children and devour him."

Ryan trembled at the illustration of a horrid being with bat wings and sharp teeth, sitting atop a terrified man.

Ryan was too young to marry, and he certainly didn't want the succubus watching him for the next nine years.

Since Ryan knew he could not speak to the succubus while frozen in place, he wrote a letter and placed it on his chest before he turned out the lights.

Just as before, the succubus crawled out of the shadows and reached for Ryan with her clawed hand. When she found the letter, she paused and read it. Her glazed eyes moved back and forth.

She placed the letter back down and crawled away, over the bed, into darkness.

Ryan breathed a sigh of relief. His muscles relaxed. He turned on his bed lamp and read the letter over once more:

**Dear Ms. Succubus,

I am too young to have demon children with you, but I'm glad you think I am handsome.

My dad sleeps in the next room over. He looks a lot like me, but he's older, and he said he could handle you.



***Thank you for reading! If you liked this story, you can check out more Valentine Terror Tales, as well as my other scary stories, for free on Kindle Unlimited! :)

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