Lessons I learned from my grandma
Lessons I learned from my grandma stories

klevel9A girl's attempt to better her writing
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(First draft.) I'm just reminiscing my biggest influence. Always try to appreciate the moments you do have with someone.

Lessons I learned from my grandma

by klevel9

How to work

She never complained, always helped, always was honest.

How to have patience

She had to wait 20 years for her to see progress in a situation she constantly put effort in. She always guided with her insight.

Why nature is important

Growing up, I was taught to garden. We also grew food in the backyard. Always explaining the benefits of nature.


For me, tradition is my way of honoring her, despite her absence. She taught me why I should be proud of my heritage and appreciate what makes us & others unique.


There will constantly be something to get upset over, but she exemplified how to aim for a solution always.


The scent of the cooking process fills the air. It's not only time to enjoy the best meal, it's time for connection.


In her way of keeping things simple, she was very memorable: meek, peaceful, always kind, straightforward, (to be continued)

Appreciating the little things

The little things end up being the most memorable. Learning to slow down& appreciate what's around you, what's been provided in nature and learning a lot.

To remain curious

She knew the name of everything it seemed. She never lost her inner child in that way. Ready for broadening her horizon

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