Burnt out:
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Burnt out:

You’re burning the candle at both ends they say

You’ll kill yourself the way you behave

The things you do

The life you live

We’ll see you in a casket one day

We’ll bury you

And reality is, I know it’s true

I see it in my dreams

The grim reaper

The way my heart formed

The little signs

The ones I recognize so well

I was always fading

Going away so slowly

Suddenly so attached

I’d miss this place

These homes I ran circles in

These people I loved

The laughter that filled the walls

The tears that the floor soaked up

All the memories

Every night I walk the hall

Walk it with a little girl

She holds my hand and she tells me it’s not so bad

She asks me to tell her stories

About the life I lived

I smile because she reminds me of me

Of the ones I now miss

I always tell her about my beautiful family

The life we had

The struggle so real

But the love we felt was always enough

That love made me strong

Stronger than anyone could have ever understand

Yet here I am

Gone away now

Last breath taken

Following the path

To the only place my heart will now ever know

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