Moving on
Moving on  hope stories

kkiva5 Geek today, boss tomorrow
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Moving on

by kkiva5

Maybe its time to move on, move on from the past

Move from the present and into the future

The future so bright that I think I'm on the sun

Maybe its time to let go

Let go of the past and move on

Hop on an escalator and go up

Up to 600th floor, to meet the gods

The gods of Olympus, seeking forgiveness

With a pitiful face

I have nothing, I have done nothing

All I have is hope

Thankful to Pandora for that

Hoping for a better life

Away from sadness and pain

At this rate Sadness seems to be my middle name

Along with Hurt

Hurt with an aching heart

A heart that was once full happiness and love

Love that was gone along with him

Him who have left me in the dark

In the dark with a million unanswered questions

Without a flashlight

A flashlight to guide me on the path to home

A new home, for a new life

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