How do I forgive?
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kkiva5Geek today, boss tomorrow
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How do I forgive?

by kkiva5

How do I forgive the one that made me colorblind?

The one that pinched all the colors of my life and replaced them with tones of black and white.

How do I forgive the one that made me deaf?

The one that stole the melody of life and gave me the sound of my own sorrow.

How do I forgive the one that made me forgot how to feel?

The one that tortured me with harmful words and left me with a wounded heart.

How do I forgive the one that made forgot how to smell?

To smell wonderful fragrances of Jasmine and Sandalwood for the scent of my own grief.

How do I forgive the one that withdrew my power of speech?

And left me without a voice to say 'He was the one, the one that broke me.'

You bombard me with all these questions

My answer is simple

Find the one that got away and take back what's yours

Move on ahead with a joyous smile

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bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
10 months agoReply
I loved it. You wrote this with great empathy. You then cam across with concrete advice. Great job!!!!!