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kjsky 18 y.o aspiring poet :)
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i tolerated too much


there are a few things that have broken me, but none like the pain caused by what i thought were friendships.

dear past self, a friend is accepting. you do not have to hide who you are in fear of them leaving.

a friend is true, there will always be ups and downs but real ones make it work.

a friend is caring, even your slightest discomfort is important to them.

a friend is someone who doesn't keep a record of everything you've done and use it against you.

a friend is someone who shows how much you mean to them. a friend is someone who doesn't wait until you're completely gone to notice that you aren't there. a friend is someone who pushes you to be your best self. a friend is someone believes in your potential, and stays with you through your setbacks.

you aren't asking for too much. these aren't qualities to be asked for anyway. if you do not automatically get treated like you are really worth something to this person, then they aren't someone you should call a friend.

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