Part 6~ You died cause you love me: Patton?
Part 6~

You died cause you love me: Patton? commaful stories

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here you go ROYALS.

Part 6~ You died cause you love me: Patton?

Remus walked up to Janus from behind, tapping his left shoulder. "Janus, I have some info on Lewis". Remus said, looking up at the ceiling. Janus turned around , "I'm listening".......... Remus told Janus everything. Janus burst into Virgil's room seeing him on his phone. "Virgil we have some news to tell you".

Janus also (im lazy) told Virgil everything. "W-what"? Virgil said, dropping his phone on the ground. " Can you guys break up with him for me please"? They both nodded and left the room to break the news to the two faced Lewis.(Which also made thomas two faced idk if I told you that).

Virgil went to sleep that night. He closed his eyes first seeing dream catchers. Next thing you know he is in Patton's room. "Wh-at"? Virgil looked around confused. "Virgil, hey kiddo"! said Patton, from the corner of the room. Virgil turned around quickly, getting a little scared. "Patton? Why am I here? Im suppost to be somewhere else". Virgil walked real close to Patton.

"Well your here cause I need to tell you something important. Now I need you to remember this"-. Virgil woke up sweating and breathing heavily. He looked around and noticed he was in Pattons bed. Logan came into the room.

"You really think you can save him"? Logan, asked in a scary voice. Virgil started to get very scared. "What are you talking about L-oga-n". Virgil asked, looking at him. "Oh I'm not Logan". Logan walks up to Virgil and get's close to his face. "I am Germaine".......

Peace Royals What was Patton going to say? Who is this Germaine guy? Song of the day: One by Lewis Capaldi Quote of the day: I'd say mine is rather toasty.

Shoutouts of the day: @straeberrymilkshake0 for being funny. @older_sister for being there. @jue44 for being a great person. @jackjack2022 for checking up on everyone.

@fieldhockey for being caring also. spelling not checked

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