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(Shows with dark meanings ~ The series)

Sesame Street

Can anyone tell me how to get to Sesame Street? Well since you are here.....I will let you in on some secrets. This is a classic kid show for all ages. The puppets thought us how to count, learn or ABC's and how to be a respectful person. What are we waiting for, lets go!

1# Subliminal Messages Now, this isn't much of a secret. Many people has pointed this out on the show. This show encourages a very dangerous, and serious eating disorder.This goes to Cookie Monster. The furry blue friend has a love affair with cookies. He would do anything for them!

Cookie Monster>

Is there a chance that Cookie Monster he's actually displaying a serious eating disorder? Absolutely!

2# Bert and Ernie

There is no secret about how people feel about Bert and Ernie. There are many people who are convinced that their relationship was a little more romantic than" just friends". What's a shock that this is actually confirmed by the show's creators.

3# the truth behind Snuffleupagus

I mean who doesn't love this guy? He was the big, brown and hairy elephant friend to all! But he was not supposed to be that way! Snuffy was originally supposed to be only seen by Big Bird. Also another thing about this Snfflepagus. The show wanted to keep Snuffy a secret when may children think that if they shared abuse with adults the adults would not believe them.

4# Too Many Children

Sesame Street is not only for children, but it's made up of children, a lot of children! Some research was done that showed that Sesame treats viewers preferred to watch and listen to other children rather than adults and puppets. This forced to show to bring in more children to attempt to please Their audience.

#5 The Lost episode or you can say deleted

We have an episode that did not air, featured the parents of beloved character getting a divorced. We already established that is Sesame Street was never afraid to cover topics, that others may stay away from when it comes to children viewership.

#6 Theme Song Torture

No one will think anything about Sesame Street could ever be considered torture. Unless you have a toddler, who watches the show repeatedly. While, people may not like it, I don't think that they would ever say it was torture.

PEACE SERPENTS! Which show or movie should I do next? Comment!

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