Some Peace In The Diner
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Lora in trouble with her parents, have a silent chatter with the gorgeous diner opposite her, all the while her parents berate her for her actions earlier that day. (just a small scene)

Some Peace In The Diner

The sky was raining in buckets. Dad growled in frustration as he wove through the parking lot, trying to find a free space.

I prepared myself for the long mutterings and mumbling that usually come when he finds a space smaller than he thinks needed for the car. He hates the idea of possibilities of scratches.

Mum tolerated them, knowing it was his outlet after what he'd found out. What I'd done.

Dad cut the engine and sat there, staring out the windshield, at the dim lights glowing from the restaurant.

"It's now or never. " he muttered before hethrew the door open, closed it and jogged to the entrance, now shielded from the rain he turned toward us. Waiting.

"I'm not going to ask you who gave you that notion or why you even did it." Mom began but I cut her off.

"Then don't." This time it was me who got out and ran out to the entrance, not even waiting for dad, I pushed open the door and searched the large space for a booth.

Everyone of them was occupied.

"May I be of service, ma'am?" A young boy, probably around my age, smiled at me and gestured. "The private booths are this way." He swept his arm towards a door.

I looked behind me, to see dad assisting mom to the door. She scowled as bells jingles when the door open. Seeing the host beside me, she scowled even more and limped toward me.

Her cast covered leg banged on the now closing door. My eyes widened in horror as she bent slightly, her eyes pinched shut in pain.


She raised a hand, before opening her eyes and staring at the host. "Table for three."

"If you'll follow me, madam." He smiled again, it faltering when he saw her limp again and push dad away when he tried to help her.

Dad glared at me as we fell in step behind the host. The message was clear. He didn't like me too much at the moment.

I sighed as the boy opened the door, and stepped aside to let us in. Dad didn't do the 'after you' gesture he always did in public. That just proved his anger at me.

Annoyed at everything I fell behind and entered last. Even the host was giving me a pitifull look, that half meant he felt bad for me, while the other half checked me out.

What a douche.

The room was large and had six booths, three on either side, but currently, only one was being occupied.

A blonde women whose spine couldnt have been more straighter and a dark haired boy, whose shoulders hunched in and head hanging.

I immediatley shared his misery at being at the mercy of our parents. Though he was fortunate it was just one for him while I had two at my disposal, who was both pissed at me.

The women smiled at me as I passed. Something unnerved me at her smile. Her red lips twisting in a beautiful smile yet nasty meaning.

I nodded at her before I sat with my parents.

The women's spine rod back faced my parents'.

Our host stood beside the table looking expectantly at dad. "Water would be great for now."

The host nodded. "I'll send a waiter." Clutching a pad of paper the boy left the room in silence.

I fidgetted as my ear strained to hear any sound. No one spoke. Not even the duo at the other booth.

The boy still had his head in his hands, refusing to look upwards.

"So.." Dad broke the silence. "I'd advice you to begin explaining what exactly you were doing in there." Dad folded his arms on the table and stared at me.

From the corner of my eye, I noticed the dark head jerking his head up and glancing towards us.

The women began speaking in murmers. The AC drowned her voice.

I didn't speak.

Dad sighed and glanced at mum who looked back at him. "Why did you Ditch school?"

"Because I felt like it."

The women suddenly stopped speaking and turned her head sideways as if she'd heard me.

Dad grit his teeth. "You better start explaining that."

I glared at the tissue box. A sudden movement caught my eyes and I turned towards it meeting the blue gaze of the boy.

"You're dad isn't happy, Varen." I heard the woman muttering.

His eyes didn't move from mine as he spoke. "I didn't do anything."

For a moment it seemed we both could understand each other. That one moment was broken when dad tapped the table before me, bringing ym attention back to him. He raised an eyebrow.

"I ditched school because I felt like it. I wasnt in the mood." I looked back at the boy, disappointed to find he wasn't looking at me anymore.

"Mood!" Dad exclaimed, making the poor woman jump. "You werent-" he was cut off when another boy entered the room. Dressed in slacks and an apron sort of thing.

"I'll be your waiter for the day, sir. What would you like?" The waiter shifted from one foot to another and I stared at his shoes.

Sneakers. I scoffed.

Feeling watched I looked up. Dad and mum was sharing the menu, deciding. I glanced at the dark haired boy who wasn't listening to a thing said by the woman.

Instead he stared at the waiter beside me.

I glanced up.

The blonde was looking down at me. But he wasn't meeting my gaze, more like...

I glanced down at my satin dress. My neckline wasn't deep But still enough to show the triangle of cleavage.

I snapped my eyes back to the guy and glared. Meeting my gaze for once, his ears turned red before he looked away.

I felt my lips purse.

Dad began speaking, ordering food I wasn't even familiar with. I tuned him out and again stared at marble table before me.

I felt the gaze again. Looking up I snapped. "Is there a problem?"

I felt dad snap his head back from the menu and look to and fro between the guy and me. His eyes narrowed slightly when he caught the red in the blonde's ear. "That's all I need.

" His voice held the stern look and for once it wasn't directed at me.

I was glad when the guy left our booth to order from the next. That's when I noticed exactly what the two diners were wearing. The dark haired boy was in a tux while the women was dressed up.

I frowned as I scrutinized them both. The woman could've have looked like his older sister. And the guy seemed to be my age, not to mention he wasn't listening to anything she was saying.

This could only mean one thing. He and his companion were returning from the ceremony.

So was I.

It was so obvious I berailed myself for a moment.

And dad was taking none of it. "Tell me, Lora, why exactly did you Ditch class to destroy a construction sight?"

I cringed at the rage clearly evident in his voice. A snort of laughter reached my ears and I glanced behind dad to find the Varen guy fixing his tux and fighting a grin.

"Dad." He didn't look up at me just motioned for me to continue. Sighing I finally spoke. "I was restless. Nikkei felt the same. We conspired and planned to ditch school before PE.

heard that, dad? After PE. we didn waste any "educational time""

He snorted. "Educational time? You know if this kept on it could reflect on your application."


That elicited another snort and dad turned completely in his seat. I suppose he must have glared since Varen immediatley bought his eyes down.

"And...Nikkei and I had....The need to destroy something."

"That something said to be a government office on construction."

"Not our fault we found it enticing."

"Dont use your vocabulary on me, Lora."

I shrugged and looked down. I let a second pass before I peeked up, amused to find Varen grinning down at me.

I dared not keep our gaze locked for long.

"Do you know how much I'd have to give to keep the entire government from hauling you off to juvenile! Not to mention the news!"

"Dont bother. I can live."

Dad bristled while mom sighed. "Sweetheart, it isn't just you."

"Oh" I stared at them. I hadn't known they too would eb affected by my....act.

She sighed. The door again opened and thankfully another guy came in delivering our food as well as varen's


I glanced at dad to find his rub his arm before taking a plate and loading it. He passed it to mom who smiled and thanked.

He seemed to drown in her smiles before he caught me watching andscowled.

"I don't top your murder list, do I, dad?"

Something banged. My eyes flew toward Varen who failed to hide the grin and he rubbed his knee.

Dad just narrowed his eyes. "If I were you, I wouldn't be too hopeful"

Mum gasped and hit him on the arm with a spoon. "She is your daughter"

I laughed at that. "Mom he's kidding."

This time I knew I'd place first in that list. The phrase, if looks could kill passed my mind.

Mum didn't seem to notice it and gave up doing anything for a small talk.

Infact I didn't want a small talk. I would've been great with the expressions on varen's face.

Suddenly he stood up.

Not dad but Varen. My eyes widened as he came over and stood before us. Turning to dad he spoke. "Sir, would you mind if I took your daughter as a date to the ceremony?"

Dads eyes mirrored mine, wide as sausers. He opened his mouth and gasped at Varen. Finally find in his voice he asked. "Do you know each other?"

"No" Varen smiled. "This is the first time I'm see in her."


"And I've taken a liking."

What is this? 1876?

A tinkling laugh erupted from beside dad. I stared at mom as she bend over, her shoulders shaking. Apparently Varen seemed to understand it too as he chuckled.

"Let them" mum said when she finally was done laughing. "Let them go. Infact I have no problem with them leaving now."

Dad frowned. "What's your name boy?"

"Varen, sir."

"Dont you want to know her name?"

"I already do know."

Dad raised an eyebrow.

"I heard you talking." That's all he offered.

This time dad seemed amused and looked at me. "Did you know his name?"

My eyes fluttered as I lowered them. "Yes."

My parents smiled. "I guess it's a yes." Dad said finally

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