Lucy's past
Lucy's past scary-clown stories
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Lucy's past

Lucy used to be a normal girl.

That is, until they got to her.

Lucy was on her way home from school. A normal day, as you would call it. She had just passed the twisted oak tree by her friends house when she saw a shadow creeping out from behind it.

She looked but saw nothing there, so she continued walking. But she began to grow worried as she heard footsteps behind her but yet again, when she turned there was nothing there. So she continued on her journey walking faster then before trying to outrun the eerie feeling within her.

But as the wind began to whistled and rain began to pour she had to pick up a quick sprint. Leaves twirled around her feet as she ran and the wind pushed her hair back. She was enjoying the run until she looked behind her.

Right behind her, next to the the twisted oak tree stood a clown. One with a creepy smile that seemed to be carved into his face pale face. Lucy tried to scream but no sound came out and soon, the clown was walking right to her.

She tried to run but her feet were planted in place. She couldn't move, she was paralyzed. She took in ragged breaths as the clown approached her. He now stood right in front of her, looking into her eyes. And when he speak, shivers went down Lucy's spine.

"Forever you must stay with us. You must be our queen." The clown said, his eyes never once leaving Lucy's. She felt like she was being hypnotized. She felt as though she had to do what ever he wanted, so she followed him into the darkness of the forest. Leaving behind her world.

A few days later Lucy's friend, Alex went looking for her. He has been looking since the day she went missing but the only thing he was ever able to find was her backpack that was left at the entrance of the woods.

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