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A way the World works

Round About Sentences

"Out of all the equations in the world, you are the hardest to comprehend"

Numbers make up the world. Everywhere you look, calculations and problems all waiting to be solved.

Love. Nothing but x plus y equals z. Now sometimes the x you've plugged in doesn't work to make z so you must change your x or change your y to find the perfect z.

People talking. Children playing. Each day getting up for work at a decent time and adding that cup of coffee equals a productive day.

The world is run by the simple equation that x plus y plus anything else can always add up to z. Whether z is positive or negative depends on what you do or don't add to the problem.

This I can work. The world I can work. Equations I can work. Problems I can work because LOGIC WORKS. Logic is the basis of all survival. And God don't I know how to survive.


When I reason with you. When I have a conversation with you. When I debate with you. When I argue with you. When I FIGHT with you. I can't use logic.

Because when I do, the equation only becomes bigger and bigger and bigger until one of us leaves. And all that's left is an equation filled with more variables than I can handle.

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