"Fall of the Earth Goddess"
"Fall of the Earth Goddess" ocean stories

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Rise and Fall of Mother Earth

"Fall of the Earth Goddess"

From the soil she grew her hair

And from the bark came her skin, smoothening over time

Twigs and sticks formed the structure of her body

And after a few hundred years she was formed

An image of beauty, the Earth goddess reigned over everything that grew in her soil

In herself

Within her they thrived, nourished and lively

Plants grew, animals lived, and very few humans roamed

She is completely untouched, that is...

Until she met him

He was the calm before the storm

The quiet trickle of a bubbling brook

Crashing waves sounded when he walked

He was the Ocean

Stormy and powerful when they met

Instantly they made a connection

And he showered Earth with gifts

Streams to play in

Lakes to bathe in

Water so her children would be healthy


After awhile, Ocean wanted to get closer to Earth

And she wanted him to as well

So Ocean embraced Earth, his body washing over hers

And unbeknownst to him

She died... In his love

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