My Demons.
My Demons. demons stories

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If your Christian and you hate demons, DON'T read this.

My Demons.

Hey, so I have demons that I named after certain characters/people, because of their personality. Im going to share with you my demons! Also the background for all demons will be the closes pic I can get to what they look like.

Keep in mind this might not be the only one I make. I gain at least two demons a week, but I never get to show them because they're always asleep or just too new to take control. And I had over 1000 soooooo.... yeah hope you enjoy this.

1st: Maegan, I've had her since I was about 3 months old. She is the most mature demon I have, though she has a short-temper. Her name was Maegan when she attached to me. I drew her before because I love to draw my demons.

2nd: Zo, I got her at the age of 2 years old. She is sassy, tired, and calm, but to be honest she is one of the childish one. I named you Zo because it was all I could say at the time. I'm still drawing her because i don't have time to draw.

3rd: Jackson, I got him at 3 years old. He is addicted to alcohol, and he's only about 16 in human years. His name was Jackson when I got him. I haven't drawn him yet because I don't know how to draw guys....yet. (His twin sister is up next.)

3rd: Micheal, I got her at the same time as Jackson because their twins. She used to be a bully, but she is becoming nicer. Like Jackson, she had the name, Micheal, when I got her. Again, l haven't drawn her because of time.

4th: Moko, I've had her since I was 5. She is mute, but that hasn't stopped her from making friends, and I know this is crazy but she's half cat meaning she turns into a neko. I had a cat named Molo so I decided to change the name up a little. I have drawn her though i had no idea where it's at.

5th: Taylor, I got her at the age of 7. She is a lot like Ticci Toby, so her nickname is Ticci. She has Tourettes and Congenital Analgesia, where she can't feel pain. She named herself Taylor. I have drawn her but i cant find it.

That's all right now, but I will make more. There will always be 8 slides, not counting the one in the last one and first one, because that's the intro and ended.

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