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When your relationship turns into a game it becomes toxic

The game

This isn’t what I wanted A game to you Who can hurt the other the most Who can control it

It’s like you’re desperate But then you give up And I miss you chasing me And then I feel guilty for leaving

When you don’t respond To my emails And texts But stare at me in the hallway

It’s like you try to make me jealous And I try to avoid you now But you’re everywhere And intertwined in my life

I don’t know how to play this game Your dumb game I just want you out I’m sick of what you do to me

I don’t get mad But I’m getting mad And I don’t like it Is it bad that I wish you were never in my life

I want you out Out of my school Out of my head Out of my life

And you seem so sad But maybe that’s just how you are When you don’t have someone fawning over you So I should stop caring

I write about you so much When I know your thoughts aren’t on me I think you used to care But then you stopped

What will it take for you to leave What will it take for me to forget How much longer How many more words about you

Get out I want to forget Stop whatever game you’re playing Stop it

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