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You couldn't help but be innocent, but I wish I could go back and tell you everything. Maybe things would be different...

That photo

Her innocent smile No teeth, you know how it is Hiding behind her hair Tiny hands clamping that worn toy

Look at those bangs Those strained braids Hollow eyes Light blinding on your golden flyaways

You perch on my bed stand Next to my obsolete lamp And a thousand hair ties And a sealed crate of memories

What memories do you hold What memories have I lost What do you hide What would you say

Look how your eyes smile But I know that false cheer I see that forced farce Every morning in the mirror

If you saw who we had become Would you be proud of me Would you agree with my decisions Are you glad we're finally free

If I could only go back I would tell you so much Not to trust him Not to trust his touch

And when you grow up Don't give your heart away Just because you're broken Just to keep the fears at bay

I want you to never be afraid Of anything that's hurled No matter what anyone says You can and will change the world

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