She knows
She knows  suicide stories

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A confession of guilt, something I need to say, but am too scared to

She knows

When you look at me I see the unasked questions Hidden Within your eyes

The way you talk to me Carefully, tread lightly Upon my glass heart Don’t push too hard

You long to show me How much you care You want to tell me /Don’t leave me again/

You know the thoughts That flood my mind Better than anyone But don’t know how to stop them

You know how much I yearn to leave This life you gave me And it hurts you so much

I want to end it I’ve tried to end it And you held me together Rocking me in your arms

You won’t let me leave And should I feel guilty For wanting to go? For wanting to leave you?

You love me the most You care for me the most You have never walked away You will always be there

And I know I haven’t told you How much I care for you How much I love you How grateful I am for you

I become so caught up in myself So determined to shut you out So positive that you wouldn’t care That I almost broke you in the process

And one day When I finally stop being a coward And tell you how much I love you How much I love this life you gave me

I’ll give you the biggest hug I’ll show this to you I’ll remind you of my promises And I might finally want to stay

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