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I remember how You lived in my mind


I remember how

You lived in my mind

I remember how

I transposed your shadow and mine

I remember how

I was an echo

A whisper

An outline

Nothing more then what you said I was

I remember how

I got scared

I remember how

I ran away

I remember how

I ended it

Pushed you away

Tried to drown your image among my lost thoughts

I tried to forget you

Tried to drone your voice out of my ears

Tried to ignore your name

Tried to point my reason for living to anyone but you

Crushed the memory of you into the tightest ball

And throw it into the sea

But you were a buoy

An itch in the back of my mind

Resurfacing every time

I pushed you back down

Until I realized

You don't have power

You never did

And the facade that you built up

I will tear down

Over and over

Time and time again

And when there is nothing left

I will walk away

And finally be free

I am not your shadow

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