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kitten Just here for fun
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Get you out of my head


I should be doing my homework

I should get off my phone

I should stop texting my friends

And stop thinkin bout you

I need to get you outta my head

I need to take back my life

You're not even here

But you control me

I need to push you out

But I don wanna

I need to stop this

Before it becomes more

I like you too much

For this to be easy

I want you too much

For me to want to leave

I'm waiting to tell you

To say this can't work

That I'm not allowed

That you'd only get hurt

I think I'm afraid

That you'll hate me again

I've pushed you out before

But I keep coming back

We don't know how to break it

I've tried and I've failed

I just need to break it

It's not fair to you

Just come back to me

One last time

I'm begging

Don't leave me please

I'm so scared

I don't want it to end

I don't want to leave

But I know I have to

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