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kitten Just here for fun
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Falling for you all over again

Over you

I thought I was over you I thought that it was done

But here you are Peeling back into my life Slipping through the cracks Making me fall for you again

And I just want to hold you To let you in to my heart To give you a place inside me For you to live

But that won’t work Because I don’t trust You anymore I’m so scared

And I know it’s not realistic And I know I shouldn’t want you But I want you And I love you

So here I am again Crying on the bathroom floor Thinking of you While knowing you aren’t thinking of me

And wondering

Why the hell I keep doing this

Why the hell Am I still your puppet

A bungee cord Slingshot me back into your arms

People tell me You love me People tell me That you care People tell me Go with your passion

When all I want to do Is run away

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