I’m sorry
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kitten Just here for fun
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I wish I could send this to you but I don’t want to hurt you more

I’m sorry

I always want to feel so sure I always want to be sure of you I want to be in control I want to know what I am doing

And when I feel That you’re stepping back Like you’re hiding something I run away

I’ve left you so many times And you were always there Always behind me Patiently waiting

I know that it’s my fault And I’m sorry I’m sorry that I do this I’m sorry that I hurt you

None of this is fair to you And when I left you That last time I didn’t mean it

I was scared I was confused I wanted you to chase after me But all I did was hurt you

And even though You won’t talk to me You won’t look at me You won’t be with me

I just want you to know That I miss you That I love you That you mean the world to me

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