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I need to push you out of my life I’m too confused for this to work I’m too scared to let you hurt me I don’t want to fall for you again

It happened All at once

I was alone Wandering In a storm Of souls

Souls connected Souls searching Souls lost And me

And then You were there You smiled Took my hand

I wasn’t alone anymore You made me smile Made me laugh Made me blush

It was too easy Falling for you Thinking you cared about me But it was just a trap

You just wanted attention Someone to fawn over you Someone to care about you And you wouldn’t be alone

Your words Empty Your promises Hollow

I kept waiting For you to commit For you to fall for me And you never did

I kept putting effort I kept wanting you I kept following you Following your footprints

Clinging to the careless smiles That you cast over your shoulders Making me feel loved Making me want to stay

I was trapped and soon Those smiles stopped coming Soon you stopped checking That I was your shadow

And so one day I left I took that first step On my own And I felt free

I don’t know why I was scared My departure went unnoticed Silent Alone

You never cared about me But it still hurts How hard I fell Against your frail lies

I want you to miss me I want you to beg For me to come back Because I know

One day You’ll remember me One day You’ll look back

One day You’ll remember me One day You’ll look back And I’ll be gone

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