Your little lie
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Finally letting go

Your little lie

You were the worst interruption That took so much time Away from that which I loved most I don't know what I thought I'd find

I thought that I loved you Was that just a lie A maddening farce Why'd I dissatisfy

You kept playing with me Laughing when I squirm You knew I was annoyed I knew I was short term

Why'd you have to come And control my life As you drew me from everyone I followed you without strife

Should I blame myself For being so naive When I know that it was my fault It took so long to leave

I tried to make you jealous Told you of the other guys Told so many false stories Tried to make you believe the lies

I wanted you to fall for me Head over heels Like in all those stories But maybe I lacked appeals

It took far to long To realize I was wasting my time To realize you were a lost cause To realize I wasn't your fulltime

And despite your little disruption I think that I'll miss you And your dumb games Even though I found someone new

I think I finally let go I think I'm finally free I think that you understand You heard my final plea

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