Falling (Sweet Version)
Falling (Sweet Version)  poetry stories

kitsunetsuki Community member
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Here is my first poem posted here on Commaful. This is a two part poem, there is a sweet version and reality. I hope you enjoy. Also, please follow for more content <3.

Falling (Sweet Version)

How do you know if you're in love with someone?

Does your heart beat like crazy when they're around?

Do you smile at every little thing they do?

Do you feel those lovely butterflies in your stomach?

Does it feel like time stops when you two are together?

Does their laugh, their goofy smile, their touch take your breath away?

Close your eyes and count from 5.

5...yes, my heart goes crazy when he's around,

4...yes, even when I want to hide my smile, every little thing he does brings it out,

3...yes, those lovely butterflies fill my stomach, even if he isn't near me,

2...yes, and I wish time would remain frozen...

1...yes, he takes my breath away to a point it feels as though I can't breathe at all.

I'm hooked and I'm in deep...

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