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With every passing day and every passing hour

Drama on social media

With every passing day

and every passing hour

world comes closer,

globe contracts

with silvery lustre

of social media.

Some, call this media

a social monster,

others, addicted badly,

few, known for moderate use

for purpose and reason.

It is the platform of continuous drama

of uniting friends and foes,

art and the artists,

leaders and the bidders,

entertainers and commoners,

gossipers and chatters.

It's the platform of melodrama

bringing angel and fairy closer

displaying their lovely chats to public,

making tantrums and shouts in public,

their cat & dog match viewed widely,

entertaining the world of netizens.

And, one day..

angel and fairy

bid farewell

closing all their accounts

blocking and quitting social media

to end one more social media drama.

Soon, the new accounts were


fairy is seen with another angel,

angel is seen with other fairy

to begin one more entertaining

drama on social media.

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